Now to begin the Annual Detox….


December 26, 2012 by athenahm

Most people wait until New Year’s Day to start turning their habits around, but in light of exactly how naughty I have been, I think it’s safe to start early. There may be some blood left in my sugar, but I am not holding out much hope.  Because there was some of this:

pumpkin cheesecake bars, m&m cookies, and peppermint white chocolate cookies

pumpkin cheesecake bars, m&m cookies, and peppermint white chocolate cookies

And this….

DIY Smores with gingerbread or peppermint marshmallows

DIY Smores with gingerbread or peppermint marshmallows

And let’s not forget that…

Cranberry cobbler from a recipe I found on Kitchen Notes and Other Sundries

Cranberry cobbler from a recipe I found on Kitchen Notes and Other Sundries

Not to mention the eggnog, bacon-wrapped water-chestnuts, jalapeno poppers, and countless other wonderful concoctions, of which, I had nothing to do with making. So, now it’s this:

jasmine green tea

jasmine green tea

Now, New Year’s Eve will officially be the very last holiday we spend in this house, and while there won’t be tons of people here, and it won’t be anything close to formal, we are still going to have a little family get-together with some close friends and ring in the New Year, so I want to make, you know, … something….  Just don’t know what.  I want to make something healthier than a normal champagne cake, and have something hearty, but healthy to eat for everyone that night. Send me your ideas in the comments, even if you don’t have a recipe, I just need a starting point or 10….

Last thoughts for this Boxing Day:

Make sure you head over and help out My Friend Ashley in her continuing quest to raise money for awesome stuff.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the last day of the Caption Contest on my Facebook, so head over, vote, comment, and share, okay? Okay.


4 thoughts on “Now to begin the Annual Detox….

  1. Ashley says:

    A good soup always works for me.

  2. Katie says:

    Hooray! I’m so glad you enjoyed the cobbler, Athena! Thanks for linking back to me.

    As for the detoxing…tea and lots of it. I drink tea when I feel a craving for something sweet and it really helps. I’ll also agree with Ashley above – a nice soup for your gathering. Something hearty and delicious, maybe with barley and winter root vegetables, spiked with Guiness, brightened with parsley. Served with a winter salad and some fantastic bread and butter (in moderation, of course!).


  3. Mary says:

    Soups are a great idea! Maybe even a couple different soups from different cultures/countries.

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